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Rod Summers


Pausing on the bridge of sighs
I mark time’s inconsistency.
One day, in leisure, the sloth eats shit
The next the hawk, in killing haste;
Missing the presence of the sorrowful glass,
Still vacant despite the desires of the auburn shepherdess,
Breaks its neck and lies in briars awaiting
The attention of the scrambling alpine artist.
Eternity now a boxed set,
Sealed in plastic happy-bags.

Who now shall let me lead, with sullied hand,
The persuasive Debauchery waltz?
I live bereft of time’s domain,
Dancing through a world in dreams.
I am aware, I do observe
The brittleness of human truth
But choose not to participate
In sullied sports like sorry flagellation
Perhaps the choice was never mine
I asked not, after all, to be so self-employed
Nor was it forced upon me.
The spit in the beggar’s cup
That was not mine.
That’s not my name engraved
On the cup of glittering prizes.
This flawed flow is trans-dimensional
The glass filled to the brim
(Dawkins takes a sip
Declares the vintage… logical)
The lock of saints is unconvinced
Redundancy not their concern
For they’re already dead
And I am not
And I… am not.


Rod Summers on an EHF residency in Venice. 20 October 2015

The Honey Funnel

Recently ploughed and deeply rutted
With dangerous streams to the left,
We raced toward the honey funnel.

The pig’s head, now bright
As a champagne breakfast, was stoic
Having long since passed its live-by-date.

Whilst all the while the parachuting monkey
Dangled ‘neath the folding feeding chair that
Once was new but now
Was as redundant as a flock of stilled hyphens.

I’ll rescue you from this!
But first I must outrun
The tweedy jacket’s froth
And show my wife my love
Is stronger than my will
To saturate the keening krill.

Yet torn by hurried hurricanes
Of doubtful origin
We stumble
For lack of stable
and Original


Rod Summers
For the 2016 centenary of DADA
Written during a residency at the Emily Harvey
Foundation whilst suffering a hangover and
serious Internet connection problems
in Venice. 11 October 2015
Compression Augmentation